2KDCE1 : Digital Camera Eyepiece

Features: It looks like an Eyepiece. It can be easily inserted into the Eyepiece Tube of the Microscope. The Digital-Micro Image is immediately picked up by the computer. It is used in the field of Image Demonstration and Analysis/ Application. USB is used to adapt with PC. It is freely plugged and unplugged. High Resolution CMOS Chip, 640X480 Pixel supplies a nice Image on PC Monitor. Equipped with different versions : Image Driving Soft Ware, Micro Image Process Software (optional) Senior Micro-image Analysis Software (Optional).

2KVCE1 Video Camera Eyepiece

·It Looks Like an Eyepiece. It Can be Easily Inserted into Eyepiece Tube of Microscope. The Video Micro-Image Displays Immediately on TV. Set .It is Suitable for Image Demonstration.

·High Resolution CMOS Chip.
640×480 Pixel Supplies a Nice Image on TV Set.