Company Profile

TWO-K Manufacturing GmbH traces its roots when it started to market educational, biological, medical & scientific products. As years passed, the business flourished as it became a well known trade mark.

The name was derived from combining the founding partners’ initials with two consonants, “2K” became a brand name and has been used on its products since then. It specializes in the manufacturing of high quality prepared slides for the university, secondary & industry levels.

The Company's masterpiece is on adapting to changing technologies and international markets which brought us to grow both in domestic & international fields. We have excellent track records in government projects and our products are exported worldwide.

Today, TWO-K Manufacturing GmbH is proud to present a large collection of scientific, medical and educational products for medicine, biology & related fields.

Our motto "going further for quality life" is expressed to convey comfort and satisfaction and that we always try to innovate the best for us and our products.

Our commitment to our valued customers:

  • To deliver on time. To provide reliable products & services.
  • We believe in quality service & excellent human relationship for it is the foundation of a long lasting trust & loyalty.
  • We invite you to examine our products shown in our Catalogs, and we look forward to our continued pleasant association as we serve you into the next Millennium.



Very truly your’s,
TWO-K Manufacturing GmbH & Associates